Filing for Divorce When Your Spouse is Not in Arizona

Filing for Divorce When Your Spouse is Not in Arizona   Arizona Revised Statute 25-312 says that as long one spouse has been an Arizona resident for 90 days, you can file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) in Arizona, regardless of where you were married. It is not necessary for your spouse to […]

Community Property and Separate Property

Property in Arizona Divorce: Who Gets What?   Arizona is a community property state. This means that spouses generally share equal ownership of anything earned, purchased, acquired, or paid for during the marriage. It does not matter if only one spouse uses the property, or which spouse paid for the property, or whose name a […]

Divorce and Name Changes

Divorce and Name Change   Often, one or both spouses will want to change their name as part of the divorce process. If a spouse is returning to the name she or he used prior to the marriage (sometimes called a “maiden name”), the name change can be included as part of the divorce process. […]

Responding to a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

Responding to a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)   If you have been served with a Petition for Dissolution of a Non-Covenant Marriage, Arizona’s legal term for divorce, you have choices for how to respond. In the petition, your spouse will have alleged certain facts about your mutual assets and properties and may have […]

Arizona Parenting Plan Forms in Divorce

ARIZONA PARENTING PLAN FORM IN DIVORCE Parenting Plan Form for Couples Going Through Divorce Couples who are going through an uncontested divorce with children have many issues to consider as they transition from a married couple to divorced co-parents. There are many resources to help parents considering divorce. In today’s post I want to highlight […]


UNCONTESTED DIVORCE VS. CONTESTED DIVORCE Contested Divorce Issues: Motion to Set, Pre-Trial Statement, Response to Petition for Divorce, and the Consent Decree WHAT IS AN UNCONTESTED DIVORCE The Divorce Guy assists clients who have an uncontested divorce in Tucson and the surrounding areas. In an uncontested divorce, we typically go through a 4-step process and prepare the […]

Dividing retirement benefits in divorce by QDRO

Dividing Retirement Benefits in Divorce Qualified Domestic Relations Order: Retirement Benefits in Divorce Many couples, anxious to complete the divorce process sometimes overlooked how retirement benefits will be divided as part of the divorce settlement. There are different processes for dividing retirement benefits depending on the type of retirement plan. Lots of acronyms and abbreviations […]

Divorce vs Legal Separation

DIVORCE vs LEGAL SEPARATION When contemplating divorce or legal separation both parties may wonder which is better?  When a marriage is ending, one or both spouses may be wondering what the difference is between a divorce or legal separation. There are many similarities and very distinct differences between a legal separation and a divorce. When […]

Divorce Petition vs. Divorce Decree

Divorce Petition- What is a divorce Petition? The Petition is the first pleading in a divorce case signed by the person filing.  The person filing is either the Husband or Wife and is called the Petitioner. The Petition is filed in the Superior Court of Arizona, in the county in which either Husband or Wife […]

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