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Your Trustworthy, Certified Legal Document Preparer

Built on a vision of revolutionizing the way we view the divorce process and certified by the Arizona Supreme Court, The Divorce Guy is rooted in over two decades of combined expertise. Founded by the owners of AZ Statewide Paralegal, a trusted name at the forefront of Arizona legal document preparation services, we serve as a subsidiary devoted solely to matters of family law. With strict adherence to the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure and Rules of Civil Procedure, our certified legal document preparer service empowers self-representing clients to make rational, informed decisions that propel them into their next chapter of life with confidence.

Our Process Is Cultivated by Our Core Values

We don’t believe that intricate legal jargon, exorbitant attorney fees, and endless court dates have a place in divorce proceedings. At The Divorce Guy, we make it simple. With a steadfast dedication to our core values of honesty, integrity, fairness, and equality, we dismantle falsehoods and change the perception surrounding our clients’ rights and freedoms. Our divorce services ensure clients gain access to their desired legal outcomes in the most accessible, affordable, and approachable manner possible.





Discover an Elevated Experience with
Our Certified Legal Document Preparers

When you partner with a certified legal document preparer at The Divorce Guy, you’re welcoming a streamlined, cost-effective, and comforting divorce experience. We tailor our services to align with your specific direction, preparing, filing, serving, and deadline tracking in accordance with the unique requirements of our self-representing clients without wavering on the requirements set forth by the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure and the Rules of Civil Procedure. Combining empathetic communication and strategic guidance, we eliminate the guesswork and reform outdated beliefs with quality divorce services defined by understanding, transparency, and fairness.

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Invest in your future with The Divorce Guy in Tucson, AZ. We’re here to get you on track to an expedited, cost-effective, and stress-free divorce experience. To get started with a certified legal document preparer, visit our convenient, easy-to-use online form or give us a call to schedule an in-person consultation today.

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