Arizona Child Support and Arizona Divorce

Arizona Child Support and Arizona Divorce In his proclamation, Child Support Awareness Month, Governor  Douglas A. Ducey states that, “children need parental support and stability from both parents for their financial, emotional and physical growth.” I’m sure we can all agree that a well planned child support agreement is important not only to secure the […]

Child Support Paralegal in Arizona

Child Support Paralegal in Arizona – Why and how do I get child support without being married? Establish Paternity first There are many reasons why a mother, father, or child might want to establish paternity. Some of the reasons are legal and others are more personal. For a child, it may be important to establish […]

Child Support…..Where does the money go?

Child Support is calculated based upon each parent’s gross income and on the percentage of time that each child is spent with the other parent among other things.  The formula does not consider the time spent in day care or school as time spent with a parent.   So, if the child is in day care […]

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