Modification of Child Support & Termination

How To Modify or Terminate Child Support

Navigating child custody arrangements following a legal separation or divorce can be daunting. This is especially true as your circumstances evolve. Fortunately, The Divorce Guy is here to serve as your guide. Our legal document preparers are here to explain the process for modifying or terminating of child support arrangements in Tucson, AZ.

Understanding Child Custody and Child Support Arrangements

A child support and custody plan is a legally binding document that outlines each parents financial responsibilities and allotted time with the child. Once these agreements are established and issued by the court, the arrangement is lawfully enforced. This means that one parent is authorized to pay the other until the child reaches a certain age. However, as circumstances change, this may not remain a feasible arrangement. That’s where modification of child support or child support termination comes into play.

Modification of Child Support

Both the custodial and non-custodial parent have the right to request a modification of child support or termination. This may be considered when the non-custodial parent experiences changes in their financial condition or employment standing. In order to have these requests granted, the non-custodial parent must provide evidence of their financial variance. Non-custodial parents may also consider a child support modification if they are having another child. Child support modifications may also be pursued by the custodial parent. These requests are often filed to better support the child’s evolving needs. In addition, both custodial and non-custodial parents are entitled to seeking modifications of child support in the event of custodial changes.

Child Support Termination

Child support termination is a legal procedure to end the non-custodial parents responsibility to pay child support. According to state law, child support is terminated when a child turns 18. However, there are other specifications that may enable a parent to terminate child support prior to their child reaching the age of majority. With sufficient evidence, custodial and non-custodial parents may request child support termination if the child joins the military, passes away, or becomes emancipated. Furthermore, a motion to terminate child support can also be requested should one parent feel that the child’s needs are being fulfilled via other financial means.

Evidence Required for Child Support Modifications and Terminations

Opting for legal document preparation services for your child support modification or termination enables you to remain in control of your case without prolonged court hearings. Prior to filing, you must first determine whether your situation qualifies you to request modification or termination of child support. A certified legal document preparer cannot provide you with legal advice, but they can suggest the appropriate documents to include in your filing to adequately support your request. We recommend gathering proof of income, recent pay stubs, tax documents, paperwork depicting your employment status, and/or expense records related to child care. These documents should be provided by both parties to ensure the legal filing reflects the current standing of the custodial parent, non-custodial parent, and most importantly, the child.

The Process of Modifying or Terminating Child Support with a Certified Legal Document Preparer

Once you have settled the specifics of your proposed arrangement with the child’s other parent and collected the appropriate documentation to support your request, the next step is to consult with a certified legal document preparer, such as our experts at The Divorce Guy. Working with a legal document preparer can effectively streamline your modification or termination request without cutting corners. These proceedings involve the following key steps:

  • Consultation: Document collection and explanation of the process.
  • Legal Document Preparation: We will prepare a Petition to Modify or Terminate child support and an affidavit of financial information.
  • Court Filing: Once the required forms are complete, we will review the paperwork and file the documents with the appropriate court on your behalf to mitigate rejections and delays.
  • Serve Opposite Party: We will provide formal notice to the opposite party using an acceptance of service document or an affidavit of service by certified mail to ensure your filing adheres to Arizona law.
  • Court Hearing: The court will schedule a hearing to review the request for modification or termination of child support to provide you with a decision.

Let’s Discuss Your Modification of Child Support or Termination Today

Embrace a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to traditional legal services with The Divorce Guy. With a wealth of experience, our certified legal document preparers are equipped to expedite your child support modification or termination request with the utmost diligence and precision. To learn more or get started today, kindly fill out our simple online form or contact our team directly to schedule a consultation.

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