Getting a Divorce in Tucson doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult or time consuming.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Arizona divorces are on the rise and typically if you live in Tucson, 1 in every 2 families will start the divorce process this year.
What most Tucsonans don’t realize is that there is a fast and affordable way to start a divorce by using an Arizona Certified Legal document Preparer.
Legal Document Preparers have been preparing divorces in Arizona for decades and it is not a new business.  What is new is that Arizona requires that anyone who prepares divorced documents in Tucson be certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona in order to prepare legal documents.  Also, if you hire a paralegal in Tucson to prepare your divorce documents, the business  and the person preparing the documents must be certified by the Arizona Board of Legal Document Preparers.
The Arizona Board of Certified Legal Document Preparers has a list of Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers and Arizona Certified Businesses.  Before hiring a paralegal to prepare your divorce documents make sure that their business is certified as well.
How does a person choose a certified legal document preparers when there are so many to choose from in Tucson? A really good way to choose is to look at their testimonials.  There are many Arizona Legal Document Preparers in Tucson that should have websites.  Read the testimonials and look at how many there are.  Ask to see the actual survey in the client’s own handwriting to make sure they are legitimate.  Ask how long they have been preparing legal documents in Tucson and in Arizona.
Statewide Paralegal has been preparing legal documents for its Tucson residents and other residents of Arizona since 2007 and on average prepare, file and serve over 70 cases per month.  Our success was built on the excellent experiences our client’s have had in the past.
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