70% of divorce cases in Tucson are filed by self represented persons!

Do I NEED to hire an Attorney?

Some of my clients have asked this question and my answer is always the same.  I am unable to answer the question whether or not you NEED an attorney.  However, I do suggest that you ask yourself the following questions:

1) How comfortable are you appearing in Court and presenting your side in front of a Judge?

2) How comfortable and effective will you be when the other side has an attorney?

3) Do you want or need legal advice?

After considering these factors you can answer the question for yourself.

I have prepared legal documents for divorce and other family law cases that have become contested in Arizona for my clients who choose to represent themselves all the way through to trial.

Know this!  70% of divorce cases in Tucson, Arizona are filed by persons representing themselves. This statistic was provided direct from an Arizona Superior Court Judge in Tucson, Arizona. 

If you need legal advice I can refer you to several divorce attorneys in Tucson.

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